Discount: Professional Bartending Premium Kit

Best Professional Bartending Premium Kit

Our Premium Kit contains products such as juice containers, a 3-tier salt rimmer, and much much more. The Premium Kit is perfect for the just starting out bartender or bar owner, and great for the Home Bar enthusiast. If you want the right tools to provide outstanding professional service, the Premium bartending kit is the way to go.

This kit includes:

* 5x metal pour spouts
* 5x EZ Juice Pourers with Containers
* 4x Oversized pour spouts
* 2x 28-ounce shaker tins
* 2x wide spout pourers
* 1x Cheater Tin
* 1x Strainer
* 1x Corkscrew
* 1x Stainless Steel Opener
* 1x Jigger
* 1x Pour Check
* 1x Mixing Glass
* 1x Julep Strainer
* 1x Lemon Lime Peeler
* 1x Bar Spoon with Disk
* 1x Muddler
* 1x 28-ounce shaker tins
* 1x 18-ounce shaker tins
* 1x Ice Bucket
* 1x Flexible Cutting Board
* 1x Fruit Tray Caddy
* 1x 3-Tier Salt Rimmer
* 1x Black Biggie Bar Mat
* Black Sword Picks
* Black Sip Stra

Professional Bartending Premium Kit Features :

  • Everything you need to get started!
  • Great for professionals or home bar enthusiasts!
  • High grade stainless steel tools


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